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You've worked your ass off, perhaps you get promoted to head your organisation's bureau in another country or maybe you quit or take an early retirement. So you pack your bags, discretely sell your belongings, tell your relatives you're going away for work, find out where your country's currency has superior value and dip. Soft... Continue Reading →


This past week has been quite nerve wracking for the whole country. At least now 'kukuliwa fare' is not a foreign concept to a majority of the population. The anxiety that came along with the tallying, verification and announcing of election results. Wacha tu. To revellers, it was a reason to get piss drunk in... Continue Reading →


Friday evening, the city is winding down from the hustle and bustle of the week. The CBD is full of activity: people rushing to get out of town, hawkers lined up on either side of the downtown streets, lovers in uptown cafe's giggling and sipping whatever, revellers planning rendezvous, you name it. The sun is... Continue Reading →


The Election date is just around the corner. In a week's time, we will be deciding the future of our country for the next five or ten years. This would be my first time to participate in an election, but I would rather stay at home and binge watch Love Island.  Now you’re probably asking... Continue Reading →


Rings and chains, all part of my dressGun and knife on either side of my buckleWounds, scars all deserved no more, no lessThe world's thoughts are not my hustle Before you, I stand tall and boldYet you insist I'm tender and caringMost times I'm vulgar, vile and coldBut to you my words are loving The... Continue Reading →


Prof George Wajackoyah, politician extraordinaire. A man of vision and intellect, but is he? He came to the limelight when he tabled the legalisation of ganja in the country upon his election to the high office. See what I did there. This alone made him popular among the youth and in some sort of way... Continue Reading →

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